Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TLC Needs Your Help

With 2 new sanctuaries and 58 acres of land to look after in our first year, the TLC has several volunteer opportunities available.

Most importantly, we need stewards to monitor the Dead End Woods Sanctuary in Fort Gratiot Township and the James F. Gerrits Sanctuary in Ira Township. Sanctuary stewards post signs, mark property lines, monitor and manage land use, talk with neighbors, and inventory species among other activities.

Sanctuary clean-ups are usually conducted in the late summer or fall to avoid damaging woodland wildflowers. We will announce regularly scheduled clean-ups on this blog page and by e-mail.

We could also use the help of anyone interested in grant writing. There are several grant opportunities now focused on the Great Lakes basin, but we have little time to pursue all of these. Grant writing experience is in-demand by most non-profit organizations and looks good on a resume.

We will soon need other help focused on fundraising, environmental education, and community organization. If you care about natural areas in the Thumb, please talk to us about your ideas of how we might work together. Call 810-346-2584 or e-mail mail@ThumbLand.org