Tuesday, November 3, 2015

TLC Presentation to Blue Water Audubon - 2015 April 06

Bill Collins, Executive Director, Thumb Land Conservancy

On 2015 April 06, I gave a presentation to the Blue Water Audubon in Fort Gratiot, Michigan. Below is a video adaptation. This is my first film, so forgive me. There's no music. Just turn on your favorite.

As of November 2015, nothing has changed, except that we lost more forest. We are still waiting for a final agreement with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to finally place conservation easements on the new preserve lands described in this video. But, I'm told this should happen real soon. After about 5 years in the making, it is an understatement to say that it can't be soon enough. This will result in a 21-acre addition to our Peltier Beach Ridge Sanctuary in Fort Gratiot Township, another 20 acres about a half-mile south near other protected land west of Shorewood Forrest in Fort Gratiot Township, and a 30-acre addition to the Michigan Nature Association Sharon Rose Leonatti Memorial Sanctuary in Kimball Township.